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In the world of Tavrov, where peace had been maintained for 5,000 years, a hellish dragon called Rakan appeared and subdued all dragon races and 14 kingdoms. Tavrov was a world where the human race and the dragons protecting them lived together, but in an instant it turned into hell and a shadow of chaos began to fall...

Humans in the Guslek Kingdom, a kingdom that has not yet yielded to this, prayed earnestly to God, and God sent a hero called Tamer to them. As a result, mankind in the Kingdom of Guslek, which has yet to be conquered, prayed to God fervently, and God gave them a hero named Tamer. Tamer bestows blessings to the humans of the Kingdom of Guslek and the dragons he guards in order to increase their strength and development, allowing them to better prepare for the battle with Rakan.

At last, Rakan invaded the Kingdom of Guslek, and joined forces of Tamer, the human race, and the last dragons won and sealed Rakan, after a desperate battle.

Humans in the new world begin to interact with new dragons through one-on-one matching with humans, and they become mutual companions rather than guardians.



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